1. “T&Cs apply, see https://bottlemart.com.au/cc-tennis-speaker or https://sipnsave.com.au/cc-tennis-speaker. Open to AU res 18+. Starts: 19/1/22. Ends: 11:59pm AEDST 1/2/22. Max 1 entry per/transaction. Max 2 entries p/day (1 entry p/day for NSW res). Retain receipts. Draw: Unit 40, 1-5 Thew Parade Cromer NSW 2099 on 4/2/22 at 2pm AEDST. Prize: 500 x Canadian Club Tennis Ball Speaker valued at $59. Winner published at Winner published at Bottlemart.com.au/competitions and Sipnsave.com.au/competitions from 7/2/22. Promoter: Beam Suntory Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 85 003 953 357) of Level 18, 100 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW 2060. NSW Authority: TP/21/00090. Permits: ACT TP21/01560 SA T21/1416.”
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  6. However, a more conservative approach to compliance would be to include the following statement immediately underneath the entry submission button for the online entry form: "Your info is used to conduct this promotion and may be disclosed to service providers and authorities as required. We may also use your info for our own marketing purposes and as set out in the Terms & Conditions. If the info is not provided you cannot enter. Our Privacy Policy contains details on how info is used, how you may access/correct info held and our privacy complaints process. Your info may be disclosed overseas." (the words 'Privacy Policy' must be a link to the Promoter's Privacy Policy, the words 'Terms and Conditions' must be a link to the full Terms and Conditions for the promotion). If you choose this second option, it is not necessary to also include a tick-box for entrants to select agreeing to the Promoter's Privacy Policy.